Former Freeland corrections officer Jacob Wilkinson has been charged with torturing and killing his dog.

Found on March 24th after a snow thaw, investigators say Wilkinson’s dog was found shot in the head with it’s legs duct taped together. It’s believed the dog was killed last September, and was previously part of a prison program where it had been trained by inmates to be a service animal.

Wilkinson adopted the dog while working for the Freeland correctional facility because he was familiar with its training, but says he killed it after it nipped him while trying trying to trim it’s nails. The Pitbull mix did not meet high enough service dog standards after its teachings, but was was obedience trained.

Wilkinson was arraigned on a second degree torture and killing an animal charge- a seven year felony and, because of the charges, has since been fired from his role with the correctional facility.