Bystanders Help Saginaw Township Police Find Armed Shoplifter

A bay city man was arrested Wednesday afternoon after threatening a loss prevention worker at the Saginaw township Menards store (5806 State St.) with a knife.

Around 4:30PM, officers were sent to the store after reports of shoplifting, but were told the man fled on foot after producing a knife while attempting to leave with the stolen goods.

Saginaw township Police Chief Don Pussehl says some attentive bystanders helped locate the man and the stolen gas gauge near the Brockway roller rink after he had discarded the weapon and some clothing near the post office.

Arrested for armed robbery, the 26 year old faces a potential life-sentence, but Saginaw Township detectives will be working with Saginaw County prosecutors on what other possible charges will be filed.

The man’s name remains withheld while lodged in the Saginaw county jail waiting for arraignment.