Bird e-Scooters Coming to Saginaw

After a successful launch in Midland, providing nearly 1,500 rides in the first week, Bird E-scooters will be coming to Saginaw.

A memorandum of understanding with the company  was approved by City council, bringing the proposed initial deployment of 100 scooters to the area.

Each scooter costs $1 to activate, tallies a small (ranging 10 cents to 50 cents) per-minute fee, and utilizes a geo-fenced service area to keep scooters out of areas deemed too high-traffic by the city.

Councilwoman Autumn Scherzer says the addition of Bird Scooters area is a positive one that will help provide a resource seen in larger cities across the country.

Jeff DeHaven, CEO of Digital Mitten Marketing, the group advocating for the recent implementations, says when the e-scooters begin rolling out, they’d follow a similar pattern to midland- being spread throughout old-town and downtown hotspots.