Bay City Woman Charged After False Rape Report

A Woman from Bay City has received probation after lying to police and falsely accusing a man of rape.

24-year-old Emily Larner was originally charged with a False-report felony, which was reduced to 6 months probation after her guilty plea.

In June of 2020, police in Bay City responded to the area of South Jefferson and 18th streets after Larner called 911 to report she had been kicked out of he mother’s house.

Larner told officers she had been in a fight with her mother, was walking around outside without shoes, and needed a ride to male friend’s house.

She went on to say she and the man laid in bed, where investigators learned the two had consensual sex.

The man asked her to leave after learning she had willingly given him an STI.

Larner confessed to police that she was not raped and that the allegation was made because she was scared by the prospect of the man calling the police on her.