Bay City Students Returning to In-Person Learning

Monday was the first day back to virtual class after the holidays for Bay City Public Schools, and the district is already planning on getting students back in the classroom.

Superintendent Stephen Bigelow hopes the district will be able to stay in-person through the remainder of the winter semester adding previous closures (and the switch back to remote learning) were in part because of too many staff and students in quarantine causing classes to not have enough people to continue in person.

He adds most transmissions and exposures took place outside of school environments, and that with precautions such as temperature monitoring and constant sanitation, stricter COVID-19 protocols should hopefully allow schools to remain open through the rest of the pandemic.

The district will continue to encourage the practice of CDC health guidelines to fight the virus and plans to have K-12 students return to face-to-face instruction on January 19th- the first day of the new semester.