Bay City Rolls Out New Recycling Containers

Residents in Bay City will soon be receiving new recycling bins as part of the city’s updated recycling collection program. The new containers will begin to arrive to homes between December 12th and 23rd, and the City says the 96-gallon carts have roughly five times the capacity of the containers they’re replacing.

The 15,000 new receptacles are being provided through a grant from The Recycling Partnership with support from the Every Bottle Back initiative from American Beverage.

Beginning January 2nd, recycling collection will take place every other week instead of weekly, and on the same day as garbage pickup. The City asks that residents place only recyclable materials like glass bottles and jars, aluminium and steel cans, paper or cardboard products, and empty plastic containers into the new bins for pickup. while materials like plastic bags, electrical equipment, batteries, and clothing should not be placed in the regular bins, they can be brought to the Bay City Recycles Drop-Off Center.

More information, including details on the 2023 recycling pickup schedule, can be found at