Bay City Public Schools Partners with Davenport University to Boost Teacher Numbers

A partnership between Bay City Public Schools and Davenport University is looking to help increase the number of certified teachers within the school system.

Davenport’s Urban Education Partner School Program offers scholarships to students, staff, and parents involved with participating school districts.

“We have employees who are interested in becoming teachers who are working for us right now. It could be a bus driver. It could be a cafeteria worker. It could be a classroom aid.” Said BCPS Superintendent Dr. Stephen Bigelow. “We can provide them with the funding to do so, and then again also with the time and space. Our goal is to make the courses as convenient as possible.”

President of Davenport University, Doctor Richard Pappas, says that teacher shortages are affecting school systems across Michigan, and that the program will 75 scholarships to individuals from up to 10 districts from around the state.

Scholarships aren’t only available for teaching. Applicants could receive up to $12,000 a year for STEM degrees as well. Bigelow says that these scholarships will give students from Bay City more opportunity to go into computer science and cybersecurity fields.

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