American Flag Display Coming to Bay City

If your 4th of July plans were cancelled due to Covid-19, and you’ve been looking for a chance to publicly honor the American flag, this weekend may be your best chance.

Organizer Joe Johnson says even with Covid-19 still being an issue, people should still be able to safely honor the stars and stripes as long as they distance themselves or wear face coverings.

Joe and his wife Jeni got the idea for the upcoming American Flag Display from other patriotic events they’ve gone to in Traverse City.

They add the event is meant to show respect to both the flag and the country, without becoming a political rally or protest.

You can join in on the event starting at 10:30 Saturday morning at Bay City’s Carroll park, with the display running along center avenue from 11am to 1pm.

All you need is a flag or American themed apparel.

For more info, you can visit their American Flag Display Facebook event page.