Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel was joined at Bangor Township Hall Friday, July 26 by State Supreme Court Justices Megan Cavanagh and Richard Bernstein and State Representative Brian Elder for the Elder Abuse Listening Tour.

The meeting began with Nessel talking about the goal of the Elder Abuse Task Force her office began in March.

Justices Cavanagh and Bernstein shared what the task force progressing means to them and why elder abuse is such a serious problem in Michigan.

The crowd was able to speak directly to the officials about how the abuse is affecting their day-to-day lives. One woman spoke of moldy, sub-par living conditions causing medical conditions. Another woman spoke about physical abuse she had received earlier this week.

Nessel introduced Midland County Prosecutor J. Dee Brooks, who presented how Midland County handles the issue. She also said the look into how law enforcement handles elder abuse is another step towards a solution.

The two day central Michigan tour finished with another meeting in Flint the same day.