Aerial Treatment Scheduled In Bay County For Spongy Moth Suppression

Aerial Treatment has been scheduled to Control Spongy Moth Caterpillars between May 23rd and May 27th in Bay County.

The Bay County Spongy Moth Suppression Program monitors for and works to suppress Gypsy Moths (formerly referred to as Gypsy Moth) and other non-native pests that affect trees and plants in Bay County.

In an effort to protect trees from feeding Spongy Moth caterpillars, treatment has been scheduled for Bay County where Spongy Moth populations have reached outbreak levels.

Treatment will occur in one day, between the dates of May 23rd to May 27th, weather permitting.

Weather parameters for spraying are: light winds (3-10 miles per hour), humidity above 50 % and less than 40% chance of rain predicted for the next four to six hours.

If weather conditions are outside these parameters, spraying will be postponed until the next day or until conditions improve.

Throughout northern Bay County, 19 wooded areas made up of 3,727 total acres will be treated by a yellow airplane flying low over the trees tops.

Spray operations will begin around 6AM and will continue until completed.

Scheduled Areas for Spongy Moth Suppression Treatment (Graphic provided by Bay County)

Townships where treatment will be occurring include:


-Mount Forest





The biological insecticide Foray 48B will be used for this treatment.

Foray, a water-based insecticide formulation, is certified organic (OMRI) so it has low impact on non-target organisms such as humans, pets, birds, fish, and other insects.

The active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis variety Kurstaki (Btk). Btk will only affect the Spongy Moth Caterpillars that will be feeding in the tree canopies at the time of application.

If you have any questions about the procedure or program, you can contact Jeremy Lowell with the Bay County Spongy Moth Suppression Program by phone at 989-895-4195 or by email at [email protected].