WSGW OnLine Poll:   U.S. Senate Dress Code  (results)

(October 4 – October 11)

Until recently, there was never a formal dress code for the U.S. Senate floor. There was an accepted “unwritten rule” for men to wear suits and women to wear dresses or pantsuits.

However, when Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer directed the Senate’s sergeant-at-arms to stop enforcing the “unwritten rule” (primarily to accommodate Senator John Fetterman), members of both parties spoke up.

That led lawmakers to unanimously pass a business casual dress code for the Senate floor, at least for men, requiring a coat, tie, and slacks or other long pants. It doesn’t say anything about women.

Supporters say dress shows respect for the institution and the work involved. Others say there are more important things of concern than dress.

POLL QUESTION for YOU: Do you think it was necessary for the U.S. Senate to pass a dress code?
Yes, lawmakers should dress respectfully –  88%
No, there are more important concerns than dress –  9%
I’m Not Sure –  3%