WSGW OnLine Poll:   The Best Month in Michigan  (results)

(August 23 – 30)

WSGW OnLine Poll: The Best Month in Michigan

Recently, a Detroit Free Press columnist had fun ranking each month as it relates to our living in the state of Michigan. The worst month ranked was January and the best month ranked was October.

For our poll purposes, we are simply asking for you to vote for your best month.

Answers will obviously be very personal for everyone. A best month could be because of a special event such as wedding or a birthday, perhaps even honoring a death. Maybe there is a social issue attached to the month. How about a sport that begins or ends in a month? And, of course, the weather might be a big factor, too.

POLL QUESTION: What is your favorite month in Michigan?
January – 0%
February – 1%
March – 0%
April – 0%
May – 26%
June – 7%
July – 6%
August – 6%
September – 26%
October – 22%
November – 4%
December – 1%