WSGW OnLine Poll:   Supreme Court Term Limits  (results)

(July 12 – 19)

WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU: Supreme Court Term Limits

Recently, following a series of ethics revelations, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed term limits for Supreme Court Justices. She specifically cited Justice Thomas and Justice Alito.

Pelosi says it’s a body, chosen for life, never have to run for office, nominated, confirmed for life with no accountability for their ethics behavior.

Term limits on the Supreme Court would require a constitutional amendment, or Congress could pass legislation requiring justices to retire, take senior status with lesser duties, or move to an appeals court.

POLL QUESTION: Would you support term limits for Supreme Court Justices?
Yes – 7%
Yes, but only if term limits applied to Congress as well – 38%
No – 54%
I’m Not Sure – 1%