WSGW OnLine Poll:   Schools Sue Social Media  (results)

(July 26 – August 2)

WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU: Schools Sue Social Media

Nearly 200 school districts (so far) have joined litigation against the parent companies of Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube. The lawsuites allege social-media causes harm toward youth by creating classroom disciplinary problems, mental-health issues, and diverting resources from education.

Opponents suggest the litigation is an “end-run” around the Section 230 law passed by Congress in 1996, which says companies generally aren’t liable for third-party content.

Supporters contend social-media is an addictive product that pushes destructive content to youth and that the product isn’t protected by Section 230.

POLL QUESTION: Do you believe social media companies should be held liable for alleged harm to youth?
Yes  –  73%
No  –  20%
I’m Not Sure  –  7%