WSGW OnLine Poll:   Are You Ready for Some Football  (Results)

(August 30 – September 6)

WSGW OnLine Poll: Are You Ready for some Football

The college and pro football seasons are kicking off!

Michigan has expectations of another highly successful season after going undefeated until a loss in the CFP Semifinal. WSGW is your broadcast home for Michigan Football.

Michigan State hopes to rebound from a disappointing last season.

The Lions finished last season strong and most experts and analysts believe that momentum will carry the Lions into the playoffs this year. The NFL has such high expectations the Lions will kick off the season against the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs on September 7.

POLL QUESTION: Even though the Lions play more games, it’s been a while since they have done so… Who will win the most games in the regular season, Michigan, Michigan State, or the Lions?
Michigan State – 4%
Lions – 30%
Michigan and Michigan State will tie for most –  0%
Michigan and the Lions will tie for most – 7%
Michigan State and the Lions will tie for most –  0%
All Three Will Tie –  0%