The United Teachers Of Flint Reach A Conceptual Agreement With Flint Community Schools

In January, the Flint Community Schools Board of Education rejected a settlement agreement between the teacher’s union and the school district administrators in spite of three members of the school board having sat on the bargaining committee that approved the settlement. According to the union no rationale was given regarding the decision. The settlement agreement focuses on issues including teacher recruitment and retention as well as pay increases and step advancements for school employees. On Thursday, The Michigan Education Association announced that the United Teachers of Flint have reached a tentative conceptual agreement with Flint Community Schools. The MEA said the negotiation took over 14 hours on March 22 and March 25. According to the MEA, the district intends to take the new settlement agreement to the Board of Education during a special board meeting on Wednesday. After the board approves and ratifies the agreement, UTF leadership will schedule a meeting and vote.