Saginaw to Use ARPA Funds for Fairground Demolition

Saginaw is spending $1.2 million in federal funds for the demolition of the Old Saginaw County Fairgrounds.

The fairgrounds have fallen into disrepair since its last event. In 2001, the Saginaw Housing Commission secured the property with a loan using federal funds. HUD’s Office of Inspector General declared the federal money was misspent and restricted the property from being used or sold, as well as the Saginaw Housing Commission to return $2.8 million. The fairgrounds remained property of the Saginaw Housing Commission, however, ultimate authority and decision of the property belonged to federal officials.

Last June, the city of Saginaw and HUD got approval from officials for a demolition and cleanup plan. Provided by the American Rescue Plan, $1.2 million dollars in federal funds is issued to clean up the site.

The demolition is set to be completed by the end of May.