Kildee Nephew to Be Charged with Multiple Felonies in Death of His Father

The suspect involved in the homicide of US Congressman Dan Kildee’s brother is expecting to be arraigned sometime Thursday.

The fatal shooting of 59-year-old Timothy Kildee occurred Tuesday morning. Police say Kildee was shot by his 27-year-old son during an argument at a residence in the 9000 block of Neff Road. The shooting followed a domestic violence call in Burton police say was related to the incident. After the shooting, the sheriff’s office says the suspect stole a vehicle from the victim’s driveway, and later crashed into a pickup truck at the intersection of Dort Highway and Stanley Road. The suspect suffered serious injuries and was taken to Hurley Medical Center. The occupants of the other vehicle reportedly did not suffer serious injuries.

The suspect is currently held at the Hurley Medical Center in Flint under guard after undergoing surgery from the crash. Prosecutors authorized a 16-count warrant, including single felony counts of murder, two counts of armed robbery, carjacking, first-degree home invasion and sic counts of felony firearm.

Photo of Congress members in support of Rep. Dan Kildee (source: U.S. Congress)