Midland Center for the Arts Receives $5 Million Contribution to Renovation Project

The Midland Center for the Arts has received the first major contribution to its $47 million capital campaign to fund the renovation of its Art and STEM Museum.

The pledge comes from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation. Dr. Ruth Alden Doan, the President and Trustee of the foundation, voiced support for the project, stating, “The Trustees of The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation are pleased to support the Center’s renovation and plans to celebrate the original architectural vision of Alden B. Dow and improve the patron experience… We are proud to embrace our community’s historic legacy of scientific discovery and innovation, which dates back to the groundbreaking work of my great-grandfather, Herbert H. Dow.”

The renovation project will improve the interior space of the museum with a new Art and STEM Museum, a professional historical research archive, as well as world class art studios. These changes will be made while maintaining the building’s physical structure, which was originally designed by architect Alden B. Dow, the son of Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow when it first opened in 1971.