Kildee Highlights Over $4.3 Million for Mid-Michigan Law Enforcement

Over $4.3 million has been allocated in the new federal budget to support law enforcement efforts in mid-Michigan.

Nine agencies are set to receive funds to meet a variety of equipment and vehicle needs. Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham says his department will benefit greatly from the appropriation.

“We also received a little over $1 million dollars, which is going to get us an air boat, stuff we haven’t had up in Bay County that we’ll be able to help our region with, as well as another patrol boat, and then body cams, which we’ve been looking for,” said Cunningham.

The money is 1 of 15 community project funding requests that were submitted by Congressman Dan Kildee and approved. The Saginaw Police Department, Genesee County Sheriff’s Office, and several other agencies are also receiving funds.

“We’re going to have tablets for our emergency services team, so they can better communicate and track what happened with situations that they deal with,” said Saginaw Police Chief Robert Ruth. “We’re also going to invest more into our camera systems in the city, so that we can have more monitoring of activity that’s going on.”

Michigan State Police will oversee the distribution of the grants, as well as receive over $1 million for license plate cameras, defibrillators, and other equipment.