Free Expungement Clinic to be Hosted in Saginaw Saturday

A free expungement clinic will be held in Saginaw on Saturday.

Any Michigan resident with 3 or fewer felony offenses or misdemeanor convictions can attend the “Clean Slate, Fresh Start” event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Saginaw’s Community Action Center at 2824 Perkins Street. The event is being hosted by the Healing, Engagement, Love, and Presence (HELP) Community Group alongside the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, Saginaw Public Defender’s Office, State Representative Amos O’Neal, local law enforcement agencies, and others.

Organizers say while most offenses can be expunged, there are some which will not be eligible, including 2nd and 3rd offense DUI, Traffic offenses causing injury or death, federal or out-of-state convictions, certain Criminal Sexual Conduct offenses, and, in some instances, felony domestic violence.