Congressman Kildee Highlights $11 Million Allocation to Saginaw Early Childhood Programs

As kids go back to school, new federal funding has been announced to support Head Start educational programs in Saginaw County.

The Saginaw Intermediate School District is receiving $11 million in federal funding to support early childhood programs around the county. During a visit to Claytor Preschool in Saginaw, Congressman Dan Kildee said he’s glad to see money going to support the education of young students who need it most.

“I was a school board member. I understand the effect that early childhood education can have on the development of a child and on the trajectory of that child, and how much it does to erase some of the unfortunate barriers that kids face growing up because of the ZIP code they’re born in,” said Kildee.

Saginaw ISD Executive Director of Early Childhood, Dr. Ericka Taylor, says the money will help support more than just in-classroom learning, saying, “A high quality education encompasses high quality learning, nutritious meals, and important health and developmental screenings, as well as mental health support for all staff, students, and families.”

Taylor says the funds will also help the ISD meet the needs students with behavioral and special needs and their families.