Tuscola County Sheriff Holds Informational Meeting About Need for New Jail

Tuscola County Sheriff Glenn Skrent held a meeting with the public Wednesday in Vassar to discuss the need for a new jail.

Held at the Bullard Sanford Memorial Library, Skrent says the current, 60-year-old jail simply has too many problems that cannot be worked around. Some of the issues include a lack of observation and holding cells, a lack of fire suppression, leaking pipes and water damage, mold, mildew and many others. A proposed millage to fund a new, $44 million facility was defeated by voters last November with 54 percent voting no to a new jail. However, Skrent says there are no other options, and the county will likely face lawsuits for how inmates are currently housed together.

A new proposal is scheduled for the August 8 election, with a .98 millage on the ballot.