Saginaw County June Perc Breakfast Highlights Fraud Protection Program

The Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce Percolator Breakfast took place yesterday at the Horizons Conference Center.

The Perc Breakfast is a monthly meeting for members of the Chamber and employees of those companies. At the meetings, businesses exchange information and make connections. Yesterday’s meeting mentioned new members and opportunities for benefits through Wildfire Credit Union. Katie Kelly, Saginaw County Register of Deeds, was the keynote speaker at the meeting. She gave details about the Property Fraud Alert System, which has been available to Saginaw County residents for the past few years.

Kelly explained property fraud, and how not much can protect victims once it’s too late. Fraudsters can forge documents such as quick claim deeds and present them to a register, who is legally required to accept it if it fits all standards and guidelines for filing into public record. Another person would then have legal proof they own the home, giving them enough time and credibility to sell the home to someone else. Kelly credits the Property Fraud Alert System as a way for homeowners to protect themselves, a free service to Saginaw County residents which sends an alert to subscribers if their information has been filed. The system compares its data to county documents nightly, and can help victims by giving them a head start to pursue legal action.

She demonstrated how to register for the program at the meeting, which involves going to the program’s website and entering some personal information. Users can select how they would like to be contacted, and can benefit from the program for free. For more information or to register, visit this website.