Saginaw County Board of Commissioners Debate Remaining ARPA Funds

Only a handful of the projects in Saginaw County totalling nearly 8 million dollars in funding were moved forward after a Tuesday session of the County Board of Commissioners.

The county received just over $34 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding, and Board Chair Carl Ruth says much of that was used for internal projects. With just over $3 million left in the fund, Ruth recommended funding some of the 11 requests, including Child and Family Services, the Saginaw Public Libraries, Saginaw Community Food Club, and Health Source of Saginaw. A $60,000 request by CrimeStoppers of Saginaw was approved, by not unanimously. Commissioner Chris Boyd said he wouldn’t support it adding that in the five years it’s been operating in the county he hasn’t seen it as effective.

Commissioners agreed to table requests from five projects that could also receive American Rescue Plan Act funds from the City of Saginaw. The Neighb, First Ward Community Center, Community Action Agency, and Saginaw School District were put off until the city makes a decision. Committee Chair Sheldon Matthews says the commission wants to make a decision before the end of the term.

The commission agreed to set up a meeting with the city to coordinate funding and come back in December to take another look. Of the $34 million it received, the county has just over $2.5 million left to distribute locally.