Safe Boating and Fireworks This Labor Day Weekend

The Huron County Sheriff’s Department wants everyone to have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend.

They are advising anyone heading out onto the water this weekend to ensure your boat is properly safety equipped and in good mechanical condition, as well as observe all state and federal boating laws. Forecasted moderate northerly winds on the open water may hamper smaller boats, especially paddle craft, starting mid to late afternoon Saturday through Labor Day. With around 100 miles of shoreline in the county, kayakers are strongly encouraged to understand that even though it’s still technically summer, nearshore surface water temperatures have cooled into the lower 70s. Long term exposure can lead to hypothermia. Loaner life jackets are available in Port Austin for anyone who may not have one.

The department also reminds people to practice the safe and respectful use of fireworks. Safety and exercising caution when using fireworks is a priority, with being respectful of your neighbors in a close second. Improper use of fireworks has disrupted neighborhoods, caused property damage and even worse, caused serious injuries to a few. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while using them only adds to the possibility of problems.