It Was A Time For Politics And Coffee At A Popular Gathering Spot

Political analysts are calling Michigan a key state for November’s Presidential Election.

Saginaw County Commission Chairman Michael Webster says it’s important to reverse a trend of people not going to the polls. He told a small Red Eye Cafe coffee session, organized Friday by the Biden campaign, Democrats need to get their relatives, friends and neighbors activated and involved.

After three years of division under Donald Trump, Joe Biden leadership council member, Bob Leddy, told the gathering Biden wants to build bridges, not walls.

In addition to Tuesday’s presidential preference voting, many communities have local questions on the ballot. Saginaw County voters will decide millage requests for the Dow Event Center and Saginaw County parks plus a public safety millage and operational money for the STARS bus system in the city  of Saginaw.

Joe Biden Leadership Council member Bob Leddy says the former vice president is the one who can defeat Donald Trump in November.
It was a mix of coffee & politics, Friday, in Old Town Saginaw.

WSGW News photos by Bill Hewitt