LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth, issued the following statement Thursday, November 5 in response to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services clarifying their recent ruling requiring restaurants to maintain accurate patron lists for the purpose of contact tracing:

“After voicing my concerns last week, I’m glad to see the department walk back this burden on a crucial Michigan industry that is already hanging on by a thread.

“Since the mandate was announced, folks in the restaurant industry across the state have expressed both confusion and concern over what the order meant for their business. I’m happy to see not only some of the confusion addressed, but the additional guidance soften the requirements as well.

“Under the new guidance, businesses are not required to deny entry to people who do not wish to provide their personal information or ask for proof of identification. Businesses also cannot be held liable for visitors who provide false information.

“The hospitality industry has taken a hit at every turn since this virus came to Michigan. This is an industry where many struggle to get on their feet and one that has an incredibly fragile recovery rate. Small business owners have done everything asked of them and then some to protect both their employees and customers during COVID-19 — and the last thing they need is yet more unfunded mandates from Lansing that do nothing but push them closer toward closing their doors.

“While I am glad the department answered some of our questions and has lessened the burden stemming from the original order, I still hope for a call to my office offering my colleagues and me a seat at the table of these discussions.”