High Heat Poses Risk, Especially to Those with Dementia

There are 190,000 people in Michigan living with dementia and extreme summer heat poses a risk to them.

With temperatures in the 90s on Tuesday, June 21 and a possible heat index of over 100 degrees, it’s important for everyone to take extreme heat precaution, but the need for a comprehensive safety plan is particularly important for people living with dementia. Taking measures to plan ahead for weather changes, like extreme heat, can prevent injuries and help a person with the disease feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed.

Some tips to help those living with dementia include planning ahead, with family and friends making plans to regularly check in on a person living with dementia during extreme heat. Arrange alternative plans for cooler spaces, if air conditioning is unavailable, and dress in loose, light clothing. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or other clear fluids and know the signs of heat exhaustion to prevent heat strokes. Pay attention in the evening hours and stay informed by visiting the Alzheimer’s Association Michigan Chapter website.