Genesee County Clerk Sued Over Davison School Recall Petition

The Genesee County Clerk finds himself in even more legal trouble after a citizen’s group filed a lawsuit against him.

John Gleason is being sued by Citizens Achieving Recall for Davison Schools (CARDS) for improperly counting ballot signatures in a recall petition against Davison School Board member Matt Smith. Smith, accused of making a threatening phone call to the Houghton County Clerk, pleaded guilty last fall to malicious use of telecommunication services and is currently on probation. The group claims 150 to 200 signatures on the recall petition should not have been thrown out. They are seeking a judicial review of the count and to put the recall on the November ballot.

In a separate case, Gleason is also is accused of witness bribing, intimidating or interfering, plus willful neglect of duty. The charges follow a two year investigation into Gleason by the Tuscola County Prosecutors office.