Four Lakes Task Force Files Motion to Expedite Homeowners Association Appeal of Special Assessment

The governing body of the four lakes and dams in Midland and Gladwin counties is hoping a court will expedite an appeal filed by a homeowners association.

Last month, the Heron Cove Association, formed to protest a special assessment by the Four Lakes Task Force to repair and reconstruct the Edenville, Secord, Smallwood and Sanford dams after the May 2020 flooding, filed an appeal of the assessment, claiming the taxes slated to be levied against property owners in the special assessment district were much too high to be affordable or sustainable.

The task force set the special assessments with approval from both Midland and Gladwin counties. Some homeowners say they’ll be paying upwards of $1,500 to $4,500 a year at six percent interest. The assessment is expected to be over a 40 year period.

This week, the task force and Midland and Gladwin counties have filed a motion to expedite the appeal process, which has paused the reconstruction of the dams. According to officials, the appeal process could take several months. The hearing to review the motion will be heard in Midland Circuit Court on March 21.