Flint Schools Closed After Teacher Call-Off

All school buildings in the Flint Community School’s district are closed Wednesday morning due a massive call off by school staff.

According to the district website, 119 members with the United Teachers of Flint and both the Michigan and National Education Associations all called in sick. Sources say the teachers’ union authorized a strike this morning following a stalemate in contract negotiations with the school board. Last month, the union overwhelmingly voted no confidence in the board and filed a lawsuit against it after the board rejected a settlement agreement reached between the teachers’ union and school district administrators, despite three members of the school board having already sat on the bargaining committee that approved the settlement.

According to the union, the Board has refused to explain its rationale to educators, parents or the community about its decision. The settlement agreement, with the help of mediation from the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, addressed critical issues like teacher recruitment and retention, pay increases and step advancements for school employees, and transitioning back to a traditional school calendar, as requested by school district leaders.

It’s unclear when the district will reopen for classes.