Doctor Arraigned On Charges of Hitting Abortion Protestor, Lawyer Calls It a Set Up

An abortion protestor may seek civil damages after he was injured by a vehicle in Saginaw Township on June 23.

Police say Mark Zimmerman and others were peacefully protesting at the Women’s Center of Saginaw and Flint at 3141 Cabaret Trail that morning, engaging women with alternatives to abortion and trying to persuade them to seek counseling or other assistance. That’s when police say 87-year-old Dr. Theodore Roumell drove his vehicle over Zimmerman, then backing off him before parking and entering the building without stopping to check on the victim’s condition. Zimmerman suffered a broken leg in the incident.

Roumell’s attorney says the protesters lay in front of Roumell’s vehicle in an attempt to get hurt in order to sue. He says the doctor has been assaulted by protestors in the past and are trying to put him out of practice, calling the entire incident a set up.

Roumell is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and is free on a $20,000 bond.