Saginaw’s NAACP Branch continues its fight for equal rights for all people.

The group’s president, Terry Pruitt, says one of the biggest battles involved where people could live in Saginaw. Pruitt said another battle was to get the city of Saginaw to hire minorities as police officers and firefighters.

But Pruitt says the battles of the last century are reappearing today. He said this resurgence of housing discrimination, employment rights and racial acts can be traced to tweets and actions by President Trump and others across the country.

The group will have a special centennial tribute next month and honor those who have made great contributions to the effort.

Saginaw’s downtown Castle Museum has opened a special display of its history.

A variety of newspaper articles, photos and other memorabilia, including  a 1960s era voting booth area part of the display in the Castle Museum. (WSGW News photos by Bill Hewitt)