Boy born without a hand meets an athlete just like him

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There are moments every parent lives for — the moment your child feels the same, even though he’s different. Joseph Tidd was born without a left hand and is one of around 2,250 babies with limb differences born in the U.S. each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I cried, I instantly cried… but honestly I don’t know why I worried, look at Carson, look at Joseph, they’re perfect,” said Colleen Tidd, Joseph’s mom.

His parents constantly remind their 22-month-old son that his limb difference makes him unique, but that he’s not alone. Carson Pickett plays defense for the Orlando Pride and is one of Joseph’s favorite soccer players.

“It’s great having him in the stands, and his family,” Pickett said.

“Every time, we’ll cheer on Carson and she always can hear us, and she came over in that instance and we were able to take that picture,” Tidd said.

Joseph Tidd with soccer player Carson Pickett

Colleen Tidd

A photo was recently snapped of the two arm-bumping after a recent game and it went viral.

“The look on my face, it was authentic. It wasn’t made up, I didn’t plan it,” Pickett said.

The photo was proof that the smallest moments can have a huge impact.

“Seeing him gives him and me just as much joy as seeing my best friends,” Pickett said. “We’re so much alike and it really doesn’t matter  what the age difference is and that’s really special to me, because he is my friend now.”