Aerial Mosquito Treatments In Bay and Saginaw Counties Start April 8

It’s mosquito season in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Bay and Saginaw counties are starting aerial mosquito treatments this week. Residents may see yellow and white planes operating out of municipal airports, spraying a substance know as BTI. BTI controls spring species of mosquito larvae when applied to flooded or watery areas, where mossquitos breed. BTI is a naturally-occurring soil bacterium that is attached to a small granule made of ground-up corn cob. Once the granule reaches the water, the mosquito larvae eat the bacterium. Timing of the treatment is crucial as the mosquito larvae must ingest the product during this specific time in its life cycle in order to be effective. Controlling these mosquitoes now in the larval stage will reduce the number of adult mosquitoes later in the spring.

Bay County is also hosting a scrap tire collection from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. on June 1 at the Bay County Mosquito Control at 810 Livingston Street and again on August 3 at the Fraser Township Hall. A household can discard up to 10 passenger car and truck tires without rims at no cost.