61 Local Governments Now Opposed to Camp Grayling Expansion

Bay and Midland counties join 59 other local government in opposition of the proposed Camp Grayling Expansion.

Camp Grayling is the largest National Guard camp in the country on 230 square miles of land. A proposal for its expansion to 480 square miles is receiving opposition from many government entities in Michigan, including Crawford County where the camp is located. Jason Teddy, a retiree from Camp Grayling and the National Guard, gave his thoughts on the expansion and why it’s being received negatively. He said that the proposed reason for expansion was to have more room and more training for electronic warfare, but that the national guard does not use the facilities they already have for training.

Teddy cites National All Domain Warfighting Center Colonel Scott Meyers, who says that the purpose of the expansion is to “better market to the Department of Defense and to private industry.” Teddy says that the reason the locals are so concerned is that the area is where tourists and Michigan residents go to enjoy Pure Michigan and world-class fishing, hunting, and nature. Here’s what Teddy has to say about why locals oppose the expansion.

As of this week, 61 local governments oppose the expansion, including Bay and Midland Counties. Locals see Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s support of the expansion as a way to push political goals over the needs of Michigan residents, as stated in a YouTube video with nearly 7 thousand views, and in an interview with Mr. Teddy.

Teddy says that Michiganders can get informed by visiting this website and watching this YouTube video.