An owl stowed away on a cruise ship, taking a two-week trip through the Caribbean before finally being caught and taken to a wildlife center for observation, officials said this week. 

A biologist with the wildlife agency boarded the Royal Caribbean International’s Symphony of the Seas — one of the world’s largest cruise ships — in Florida to capture the stowaway vird, according to a Tuesday Facebook post by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. He had just one hour to capture the burrowing owl before the ship departed for a cruise to Mexico. 

An owl was captured on a cruise ship in Florida. It was taken to the South Florida Wildlife Center for a checkup.

FWC Photo by Arielle Callender

The biologist teamed up with crew members and placed mist nets in an effort to catch the owl. After two unsuccessful attempts, crew members stood below the balcony of a 10th-story cabin and made noises to distract the bird. The biologist eventually snuck up on the owl and safely netted the bird.

“After the amazing rescue, the cute little stowaway was safely assisted with the disembarkation process,” the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wrote. “He had nothing to claim in customs.”

The owl was taken to the South Florida Wildlife Center for a checkup. 

Burrowing owls are listed as threatened in Florida. They’re one of the smallest owls in the state and reach up to 9 inches tall. 

The owl’s successful capture comes after failed efforts to capture Flaco, an owl who escaped from the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Flaco, an Eurasian eagle owl, went missing after its exhibit was vandalized in early February.