Sen. Gary Peters Bills Would Enhance Northern Border Security with Center at Selfridge

U.S. Senator Gary Peters has sponsored legislation to establish a Northern Border Coordination Center at Selfridge Air Force Base.

The Center would help improve coordination across the Department of Homeland Security and with state, local, and Tribal governments to ensure DHS is able to fulfill its security mission along the Northern Border. The Northern Border Coordination Act will require DHS to establish the Northern Border Coordination Center, to be collocated with an existing U.S. Border Patrol sector headquarters, an Air and Marine Operations Branch, a U.S. Coast Guard air station, and other existing department activities. The Center would support implementation of the Northern Border Strategy, help to track Northern Border security metrics, and serve as a training location for DHS personnel and a testing ground for new border security technologies. The legislation also requires the Center to address the rising threat of illegal cross-border drone activity and requires Air and Marine Operations to maintain quick reaction capabilities at the Center to support the border security mission along the Northern Border.

The bills head to the full Senate for consideration.