Off the Ice: A Look Around the 2024 Memorial Cup in Saginaw

The Canadian Hockey League’s 2024 Memorial Cup is coming to Saginaw later this month, bringing 104 years of history and tens of thousands of hockey fans to the Great Lakes Bay Region. WSGW’s Jonathan Dent has more on what the tournament means both on and Off the Ice.

Since winning the bid early last year to host the 2024 Memorial Cup, local governments, businesses, and community organizations have been working to capitalize on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In this segment, we look at all the work being done to prepare Off the Ice.

The Great Lakes Bay Region is preparing to host tens of thousands of visitors over the course of 10 days for the Memorial Cup hockey tournament in Saginaw. In this segment, we look at what will be available for those visitors to do Off the Ice.

The Dow Event Center and Jolt Event Park will be a flurry of activity during the Canadian Hockey League’s Memorial Cup tournament next week, but many local organizations will be holding their own special events Off the Ice.

 Saginaw officials have had more than a year to prepare for possible challenges they could face hosting the 2024 Memorial Cup. WSGW’s Jonathan Dent reports on the work done to make sure things run smoothly Off the Ice.

Canada’s largest hockey tournament is expected to bring tens of thousands of travelers from the Great White North to the Great Lakes Bay Region. In this segment, we look at the event that begins next Thursday Off the Ice.