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A police officer in Georgia received praise for his life-saving actions to help revive a runner who suffered a cardiac emergency last weekend. The officer performed CPR for more than 10 minutes, officials said. 

The incident occurred Oct. 29 on a trail in Powder Springs, a city located just northwest of Atlanta. According to a Facebook post Thursday from the Powder Springs Police Department, a man “went down” and “stopped breathing” while running on the Silver Comet Trail. Other runners called 911 and began performing CPR, police said. 

One of the first responding officers, identified as Officer Yates, arrived and took CPR duties, police said.

“There was no breathing, no pulse, and no other signs of life,” the police department wrote. “Despite his condition, Officer Yates did not give up and gave CPR for over 10 minutes.”

Paramedics then got on scene, and “within seconds” of taking over the medical response, the man regained a pulse and “actually woke up,” police said. 

A police dashcam photo of officers performing CPR on a runner who collapsed on a trail in Powder Springs, Georgia, on Oct. 29, 2022. 

Powder Springs Police Department/Facebook

The department praised the “quick actions” of other runners on the trail, and “the endurance” of the officer, for helping to save the runner’s life.

“Thankfully, this man will live to conquer the Silver Comet again another day,” the police department wrote.