▶ Watch Video: Oprah picks “The Way of Integrity” by Martha Beck as her latest book club selection

“The Way of Integrity: Finding The Path To Your True Self” was announced on “CBS Mornings” to be the 94th Oprah’s Book Club pick.

Author Martha Beck told CBS News that the title of the book represents “an alignment with every part of one’s own self. “

“So there are different ways we make meaning. Body, heart, mind, and spirit. And when all of those are in harmony with each other, it’s like a machine in structural integrity,” Beck said. 

A sociologist and life coach, Beck offers a new way for readers to find their most authentic version of themselves.

“I’ve coached literally thousands of people all over the world. All stations of life,” Beck said. “So what I’ve found is that every person I’ve worked with, murderers, beggars, billionaires, they all feel an alignment with their sense of truth when they say the phrase ‘I am meant to live in peace.'”

Oprah’s selection of the book is different than the books chosen in the past because it is not a novel. Oprah said one of the reasons she picked “The Way of Integrity” is because of all the unpredictable moments.

“I read it, and there were so many “a-ha’s.” I thought, Wow, wouldn’t it be great if I could choose this for Book Club, and then thought, No, it’s not a novel. But why not? I get to do what I want,” Oprah said. “So the next book is “The Way of Integrity” by Martha Beck, who has been a spiritual counselor guide for me for years with “O Magazine” and has shared her words of wisdom over the years and has really compiled it all in this wonderful book that I think that is so needed and meaningful for our time.”

Oprah added that selecting the book felt right for this moment in time. 

“One of the things that I think we’re missing in this moment is integrity in many phases of our lives, and I think that that starts with each individual,” she said. “Instead of trying to tackle the world’s integrity… I think it starts with each person looking within themselves, and it’s about aligning with the truth of you.”