A family of four that went missing from their Michigan home early last week has been found safe, authorities confirmed over the weekend. In an update added to the Fremont Police Department’s original Facebook post, officers said the Cirigliano family was located in Wisconsin.

“The Fremont Police Department would like to thank you for all the helping locating the Cirigliano Family,” the post read. “The family was successfully located in Wisconsin.”

Days earlier, Fremont police issued a release and held a news conference asking the public for information about the family’s whereabouts. Anthony Cirigliano, 51, as well as his wife, Suzette, 51, and sons Brandon, 19, and Noah, 15, had been missing since Oct. 16, when they were last seen at their home by Fremont police officers. 

Anthony Cirigliano called the police department around midnight that Sunday with “issues or information he had regarding the Sept. 11 attacks,” Fremont Police Chief Tim Rodwell said last week. At the time, Rodwell said that the father was “exhibiting some signs of paranoia.” Authorities became aware of the family’s apparent disappearance when Suzette’s mother, who lives with them and suffers from dementia, was seen wandering the neighborhood on Monday night. Neighbors then called the police, Rodwell said.

Details about what motivated the Cirigliano family’s decision to suddenly leave their Michigan home remain unclear. In their original news release, Fremont police said the foursome’s relatives were “very concerned about their missing family members” who “were found to have unexpectedly left their home” in what was believed to be a silver 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan with Michigan registration. 

The Cirigliano’s relatives had said their last contact with the family happened on Oct. 16.  After that, the family’s phones were switched off and they did not reach out to family or friends, according to Michigan State Police, which was involved in the search to find them.