▶ Watch Video: Father and son finish bike ride of a lifetime

New York — Shepherd Colver had dreamed of seeing the Statue of Liberty. After 18 weeks and 3,300 miles — pedaling his bicycle for every single one of them — he made it to the New York City landmark.

“It was definitely worth it,” Shepherd told CBS News. “It’s pretty cool.”

As CBS News reported in June, he had convinced his dad James to do the cross-country trip, starting from their home in Washington state, by bicycle. It was an amazing feat given Shepherd is only 9 years old.

He told CBS News that as a kid he’s got a lot of energy and was asked if his legs were tired.

“They don’t hurt as bad as my dad’s do when we’re done,” he said, laughing. 

James and Shepherd Colver

Family Handout

They started the adventure in 2019, but had to stop when Shepherd kept getting headaches and was diagnosed with diabetes. Nothing stopped them this time around.

“It was a wonderful bonding experience,” James said. “I feel like I invested my time as his dad really well here.”

Shepherd is home now — he was reunited with his mom on Monday. But he’s still riding high from his summer adventure with his dad.

Shepherd Colver and his father, James, look toward the Statue of Liberty.

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