Bay City Receives Redevelopment Ready Communities Essentials from the MEDC

Bay City has achieved the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Redevelopment Ready Community Essentials designation.

Redevelopment Ready Communities is a voluntary initiative empowering communities to shape their future as they strive to become RRC Certified by building a foundation of planning, zoning, and economic development best practices and integrating them into their everyday functions. RRC promotes communities to be development ready and competitive in today’s economy by actively engaging stakeholders and proactively planning, making them more attractive for projects that create places where people want to live, work, and invest.

To achieve the Essentials designation, Bay City worked to incorporate all the key documents and practices to provide a predictable development experience and meet local planning and zoning responsibilities under Michigan law. This includes updating their internal process documents, updating their website, and reviewing their Zoning Ordinance and Master Plans for improvements. The city’s efforts have produced high-quality documents and processes that will continue to generate value. Bay City has future plans to pursue full RRC Certification now that they have reached the Essentials designation.