▶ Watch Video: Back-to-back storms bring snow, rain to the West

The second of two back-to-back storms was moving across the West this weekend, bringing another round of snow, rain and blustery winds.

There were whiteout conditions in Loveland, Colorado, on Saturday, as the powerful storm swept through the state, making for dangerous driving conditions.

The heavy snow, coupled with high winds, forced some roads to shut down. Wind gusts also triggered massive dust clouds and blew tumbleweeds across roadways.

Seattle was also seeing snow flurries Saturday that were making roadways slick and potentially treacherous.

Earlier this week, outside Portland, Oregon, rain from the first storm front which swept through the Pacific Northwest caused a landslide that sent mud and rocks crashing down onto U.S. Route 30. The debris removed from the highway filled at least 10 big rigs. The roadway remained closed as of Saturday night.

A mudslide along U.S. Route 30, a highway located between the Oregon cities of Portland and Astoria. Dec. 2, 2022. 

Oregon Department of Transportation/Twitter

The first system dumped 24 inches of snow on Thursday in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center reported Saturday that the second storm was set to bring more “heavy snow” to the region.

“Just trying to get all of the firewood outside the front door, a little bit inside, make sure the blower has gas,” one man who lives in the Sierra Nevada told CBS News.  

In this image taken from video from a Caltrans remote video traffic camera, a pair of trucks make their way through the snowy conditions along Interstate 80 at Donner Summit, California, on Dec. 1, 2022, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

Caltrans via AP

The cold front was also predicted to bring rain to parts of Southern California Saturday and Sunday, the weather service reported.

As the cold front sweeps east Sunday and into Monday, it is expected to drop temperatures all the way to the Atlantic coast.