Dozens of cows escaped a slaughterhouse in Southern California and roamed free for over an hour on Tuesday, injuring four people, CBS Los Angeles reported. One of the animals was fatally shot by deputies after authorities said it charged at a family.   

At least 40 cows escaped through a gate that had been accidentally left open at Manning Beef, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. A viral video showed the cows stampeding through a residential neighborhood in Pico Rivera and running through a yard. 

Another clip showed how the large group slowed down traffic as they ran along in the middle of the street.

The cows eventually settled into a closed street and were surrounded by sheriff’s deputies. They were unsuccessful in trying to round up the cows, prompting the farm animals to scatter farther.

One cow was shot and killed by deputies after it charged at a family of four, knocking some of them to the ground, authorities said. The family was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. 

Experienced ranchers in the area attempted to help corral the livestock. In one clip, a rancher tried to wrangle one of the cows and instead, he was trampled by the animal.  

The LASD Mounted Enforcement Detail was also deployed to assist in the recapture and transportation of the animals. It took several hours to round up the cattle and load them into trailers. 

Rancher John Pitones told CBS Los Angeles that one cow he was trying to wrangle was “too heavy” and it dragged him a “couple hundred feet.” 

“Once they start running, they get scared, they get anxious, and they just don’t want to stop running,” he said. “So, you’ve got to give them the time and the proper procedures for how to capture them.”

As of Wednesday morning, 38 of the cows have been safely captured and one remained missing, deputies said.