Ivanka Trump can be compelled to testify as soon as next week in the New York civil fraud trial of her father, former President Donald Trump, and other defendants, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled Friday.

Attorney General Letitia James indicated at the very start of the trial that she was likely to call — in addition to Trump himself — his children, Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump is not a defendant in the case, and her attorney challenged the subpoena for her testify. Friday, the judge heard arguments about this and ruled that Ivanka Trump can be compelled to testify as soon as Wednesday, Nov. 1. 

Judge Engoron noted that this still gives her enough time to file an appeal of his decision, which could push her testimony back.

Ivanka Trump’s attorney, Bennet Moskowitz, argued that the attorney general lacked jurisdiction over her because she doesn’t live in New York, and her New York businesses aren’t party to the case. He argued that three non-party entities Ivanka has ownership of were served, and those entities should have the right to choose their representative. They suggested Eric Trump, who is certain to testify anyway.

The state argued that Ivanka Trump clearly does business in New York and owns property here, and is under the the New York attorney general’s jurisdiction.