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Outdoor Magazine with Mike Avery

I consider myself to be a very lucky guy… I’ve been blessed by God with a wonderful family and the best job I could ever imagine. Since growing up in West Michigan, it seems I’ve had a fishing rod, shotgun or bow in my hand since I can remember.

Later, I was able to turn that love for the outdoors into a career in broadcasting.  I started out as a news reporter and videographer for a local TV station. Eventually, that experience evolved into the Outdoor Magazine TV show.

Outdoor Magazine radio started as a one hour show on one local station.  Now it’s heard on many AM and FM stations across Michigan and the podcast is available around the world. The show has evolved but the goal remains the same.. .to promote the history and tradition of the outdoor lifestyle in the great state of Michigan (and occasionally beyond). None of this would have been possible without support from others.  My wife Denise, and my entire family have been critical in the growth of Outdoor Magazine.  Of course, sponsors are also key in producing a show and I’ve had the good fortune of working with many top-notch companies over the years. Perhaps not as obvious, but you are also a big part of the equation.  As a listener of the radio show, television viewer or consumer of my online content, you are the reason I do this.    Without your support, none of this would be possible.

The ultimate thanks though must be given to God.  He has guided me down many different paths over the years, and with His continued support, I’ll keep doing this well into the future.