The Art Lewis Show

Art Lewis has been talking to audiences for better than 4 decades, doing talk shows as far back as 1965.  He is part of the WSGW Morning Team in Saginaw, Michigan, host of his own morning talk show, and co-host, along with Sue Smith, of Listen to the Mrs.  His early days of radio were spent spinning top 40 hits of the day.

Art is extremely active in the community, having served on the board of directors of many organizations including the Saginaw Symphony Orchestra, Voluntary Action Center, Saginaw Art Museum, Hidden Harvest, Saginaw Boys and Girls Club, Saginaw Zoological Society, Saginaires Youth Organization, the MDA Spirit of Sharing committee, Hidden Harvest Board of Trustees, and the Saginaw County Convention and Visitors Bureau where he served as chairman for 4 years.  Currently, Art is on the board of the Saginaw Crime Prevention Council, the Law Enforcement/Media sub-committee, Heros for Kids Board of Directors, Dow Event Center advisory board, Saginaw Area Fireworks and the Japanese Cultural Center’s Sister City 50th Anniversary committee.

Among Art’s many awards are the “Spirit of Saginaw” award from the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce, The “Liberty Bell Award” from the Saginaw County Bar Association, and the “All Area Arts Award” from the Saginaw Arts and Enrichment Commission.

Celebrating 48 years of marriage, Art and his lovely wife, Linda, have 2 grown sons, Blair and Scott.

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